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About Kim


Hi there! I'm Kim - Angelic Channel, Author, & Intuitive  Coach!

l'd love to work with you one-on-one in a private session to help you find the perfect path aligned with your talents and abilities to guide you toward making empowered decisions. connect with your soul purpose, and trust your deep inner knowing. and move forward on your life journey with clarity and ease!

Over the past 30 years, I've helped thousands of people across the globe evolve into their most authentic selves (and grow in their careers and businesses) through detailed, pragmatic guidance communicated to me directly from their personal guardian angels. In fact, in just one hour,  I'll provide guidance on as many questions as you can ask - with actionable steps you can take now to jumpstart your progress.

All of my private sessions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality. I am trusted by clients who are entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches, authors, speakers, executives, athletes, attorneys, judges, physicians, financial advisers, teachers, members of the F.B I. and Secret Service, radio and TV talk show hosts, psychics and mediums, the Clergy. as well as celebrities who know that whatever we discuss in session... remains in session.

Whatever your questions, I've got your back. My channeling sessions are non-judgmental, validating, and completely focused on you and your priorities.

Ask about how you can get ahead in your existing job, whether you should start a business, or grow the business you already have. You'll get specific step-by-step guidance about what you can do to create a healthy momentum, resulting in making more empowered, productive decisions. No more dreading the beginning of the work week. No more confusion over your direction. No more wondering what you're really here to do or if your life will ever change.

Ask about love, and they tell vou how you'll meet your soulmate and what you can do to speed up the process. No more bad dates. No more Saturday nights alone. No more lonely holidays.

Ask about your kids, and you'll find out why they chose you as a parent, how to best support them with their unique challenges, and how to encourage their health and happiness. and what their life's purpose is.

Ask about your health and fitness and find out about what exercise program is best for you, what eating habits could unlevel your energy, if you need to address any dis-ease inside your physical body, and what you can do to safeguard your health for years to come. (Be aware that your angels are not healthcare providers... but they do have their angelic perspective. And before you take any angelic advice, be sure to check with your healthcare professional.)

It's time we all stop questioning our instincts.

And I'm 110% committed to helping you learn how to trust your own connection to your angels, spirit, and soul - so that you stop questioning your intuitive guidance and feel empowered to step into a soulful, spirit-led life.

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