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How to Schedule with Kim

~Availability Options~

Monday through Friday   (by appointment)

~Payment Options~

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal

  • 30 minute audio sessions are $225

  • 60 minute audio sessions are $275

  • 90 minute audio sessions are $412.50

  • 2 hour audio sessions are $550

(Payment is required to secure your appointment date and time)

PLEASE NOTE –  All of Kim's sessions are conducted by telephone (281-651-1599) or through Zoom audio.


~Scheduling Options~

Schedule online:  click here   (Super convenient, fast, and easy!)
Schedule by phone:  281-651-1599     (If you prefer to schedule your session and share payment info by phone.)


~How We'll Connect~

If you booked an audio session by phone:  At the time of your appointment, you’ll call Kim at 281-651-1599.

If you booked a Zoom audio session:  Kim will email the Zoom link to you prior to your appointment.


~Get A Complimentary Recording~

Kim will be happy to record your session at no extra charge as a courtesy, and she will email the recording to you promptly.

~The Process~

As you would speak with a trusted friend, Kim has the ability to communicate with your soul, angels, and departed loved ones to share the messages and guidance that only they can provide.

Kim accesses specific, detailed information quickly and the channeled guidance available for you is limitless.

You can ask about as many topics as you choose during your session. The number of questions Kim is able to answer depends on how much time you want to spend on each topic.

You can also allow your angels to speak freely regarding what they feel is most important.

Kim will provide actionable steps you can take now to jumpstart your progress.

You’re welcome to have other people sit in with you during your session. (However, please note that Kim will take questions only from the person for whom she's channeling.)

~Prepare for Your Reading~

Create a list of what you want to discuss before your appointment. That way, time permitting, you won't forget to ask about an important topic or question.


For examples of what you can/should ask about during your session, check out Chapter Four of Kim's book, How to Talk With Your Angels. As a helpful resource, the potential topics below can also give you some ideas about where to start.


  • Personal life

  • Career

  • Life's purpose

  • Starting a business

  • Expanding a business

  • Creating passive income

  • Your gifts/talents/abilities

  • Health

  • Eating habits/exercise

  • Sabotaging issues

  • Real estate

  • Dreams

  • Pets/animals

  • Past lives

  • Investments

  • Children

  • Spiritually mentoring children

  • Best place for you to live

  • Resolving issues and healing

  • Developing psychic ability




 →Kim must have 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment, or payment will be forfeited.

→Please note that any information shared in a channeled session is not meant to replace, override, or substitute the advice of a healthcare provider, or legal or financial counsel. YOU are the guiding force of what your life can become! 

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